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Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin as a means to empower every person on Earth, regardless of their position in society, to take control of their money and remove the outside influences of the fractional banking community in their monetary lives.


Our mission at bitcoinU is to carry on Satoshi’s legacy by providing an outlet that educates & empowers our friends to better understand the long term-value of Bitcoin as well as take advantage of the greatest opportunity in written history for ordinary people to grow their wealth in a unique and unforgeable way.


Bitcoin is the Alpha and the Omega.  It is rapidly overcoming gold & United States Treasuries to become the next millennia’s first layer of money. 


While there is no doubt trading opportunities in many other cryptocurrencies, and we encourage you to learn and trade in them, Bitcoin is what we mine for our clients, ourselves and our future. 


BitcoinU does not chase short-term profits trading in other crypto coins & tokens, our members exclusively mine Bitcoin and receive their block rewards on a monthly basis. 


We encourage you to join us on this remarkable adventure.


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