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BitcoinU started with one ASIC mine and a commitment to excellence that has steadily built its client base by providing dependable & secure data centers in the central United States.

Energy & related utility costs have been inflating at a rate higher than we have seen in the United States since 2014.  

In addition, overall price inflation is possibly as bad as it has ever been in the history of the modern US economy. Depending on whose system of figuring inflation that you use, the real inflation rate is closer to 17% as of April Fools Day, 2022.

The joke is indeed on all of us.

BitcoinU is actively looking into other regional options along with investigating a wide array of renewables in order to get contain on what is proving to be out-of-control energy & related price inflation for the foreseeable future.  

As of March 1, 2022 - BTCU miners operating at 700 kwh / daily or higher operate at $.09 per kWh.

Miners with less than 700 kWh (8 to 10 ASICS) mining operate at $.0975 per kWh.  

Low Energy Costs
Tech Support

The BitcoinU team is ready, willing and able to answer all of your questions as well as help you get started with your hot and cold wallet, understanding how your public and private keys work, making sure that you are comfortable converting your BTC into USD are but a few of the items our team is here to help with.

The personal & timely service members of the BitcoinU collective receive is what sets us apart .

Peace of mind is assured by the assurance of direct communications with the people who are actively managing your equipment.  

Monthly Payouts

Your net mined BTC will land in your hot wallet on the 1st day of every month.  Guaranteed.

ASIC Monitoring

With an application on your preferred device you will monitor your ASIC machines in real time, get notices when your equipment isn't mining, observe chip temps, hashrate and more.

Lower Admin Fees

BitcoinU data centers offer some of the lowest monthly admin fees in the mining marketplace.

Real estate, insurance, security, complex air flow & electrical systems, network upgrades, general maintenance & quality staff are equally important when it comes to operating a data center and prolonging the mining life of your ASICs.

BitcoinU provides a home for your equipment that allows you to sleep well knowing your investment is being taken care of with the utmost fiduciary responsibilty. 

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